Uniting the Tech and Creative Communities in PDX


There comes a time in the development of a local economy when formerly diverse and divergent industries begin to benefit each other in new and exciting ways. In Portland Oregon, the Tech and the Creative communities are beginning to see a gradual “meeting of the minds” where ideas are being shared and collaboration is taking shape. However, the need for a more unified front in the effort to accomplish this task is needed.

While there is endless possibility for coming together and creating a single economy, benefiting both groups, the differences in opinion on how to get there are becoming apparent. As well, there are critical gaps that exist between the leadership of both communities, leading to relative confusion and dysfunction.

This presentation sets out to create a strategy for bringing these two communities together in the hopes of better managing two distinct groups of people. From holding our thought leaders accountable to calling for Municipal spending on collaborative projects and research, Uniting the Tech and Creative Communities in PDX is a speech about solving this glaring inadequacy in our spot in the world.

So let it be known, there is a solution, and it starts with 20 slides and a five minute speech.

Bret Bernhoft


Bret Bernhoft is many things to many people, but most commonly Bret is known as a student and a business owner here in Portland Oregon. Having grown up across the river in Vancouver Washington, he has always felt it a privilege to be in Portland and still does to this day.
Bret currently attends Portland State University where he is working towards finishing his MBA. In addition he also owns and acts as the principal consultant for a Youth Marketing firm here in Portland Oregon called, InsYght Consulting.
Bret is an active member of the local community in Portland Oregon and contributes to its well being through donations of time and energy.