Tips on How to Be a Gentleman From a Guy Wearing Jeans and a Tee Shirt


The saying “the suit makes the man” is as archaic as a rotary phone. Wearing a suit makes someone a gentleman as much as wearing a uniform makes Dave Chappelle a police officer. The art of being a gentleman has to do with making everyone feel as comfortable as possible. This lightning quick barrage of social tips will include:

  • Hosting a Party
  • Attending a party
  • Managing Business Contacts
  • Approaching Groups of People
  • Interacting with Ladies
  • A (super short) segment on Ladies interacting with Men

Chris Alan

Affiliation Enact Development

A transplant originally hailing from Delaware, Chris moved to Portland in early 2003 with a diploma in Computer Science fresh off the press. A Linux/PHP/MySQL advocate since 2000, once in Portland, Chris continued honing his skills by working with start-up companies here in town. In 2006 he declared himself self-employed and Enact Development was born.