Tracing the Lives Around you


Tracing The Lives Around You is a short presentation that was first given to a small but packed room as part of the Authentic Enthusiasm Lecture Series (a spin-off the PSU/PICA Monday Night Artist Lecture Series). It is a short presentation that teaches people how to interview each other, including mind-sets, techniques, and equipment. The presentation also provides methods and examples of ways to present the finished interviews.

Abraham Ingle

Affiliation Neighborhood Diaries

Abraham is a project manager and artist working in Portland, Oregon. For two years he has been working primarily in the medium of audio documentary. His current project, which has received grants and support from the Regional Arts and Culture Council and Northwest Documentary, is called Neighborhood Diaries, a project that records the location based memories of Portlanders, and weaves them intro free, interactive, audio walking tours of Neighborhoods. These tours illuminate the hidden, emotional landscapes that make up our surroundings. More information about this and his other projects is available at