How to get stuff for free.


Over the past few years, I’ve built up a large collection of awesome things I’ve gotten for free. Not grab-bag schwag that nobody wants, but things like $100+ titanium-railed saddles for my mountain bike, dozens of name-brand sunglasses, premium bacon, and even a brand new car to drive every week. Yes, it’s true: I really have gotten a brand new car brought to my office, every week, for over 2 years now. (the Jaguar XKR, BMW 3-series hard-top convertible, and the Audi S4 cabriolet are amongst my favorites).

There’s actually a pretty easy formula to tap into the ‘getting-free-stuff’ market while still not looking like a cheap-ass. If you follow my simple, can’t-miss steps, you too can enjoy these perks.

Jason Glaspey

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