Massage 2.0: Myofascia-The Real Interweb


How many muscles do you have? Many people understand they have a bunch of muscles to some degree, although they are usually surprised when you tell them that they have muscle tissue everywhere that they have skin (yes even on your scalp). What if I told you that you really have only one continuous muscle interconnected by a special collagen structure that runs through all soft tissue in your body? It’s called myofascia (MY-o-FASH-a), and has recently been found to be one of the most sensitive bodily tissues, even more so than your skin. Learn a little about this amazing structure and what being conscious of it can help you understand about how you move and work.

Megan Bradley


Megan has done a lot of things since striking out on her own. She has been a theatre technician (you know, making the lights work and other things people don’t notice), foreign exchange student, public radio intern, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, drama teacher, and massage therapist. She is learning to be more geeky. Moving to Portland was one of her best decisions to date.