You can stop S#$%#y Little Dog Syndrome


You know what I’m talking about.

The s%&$*y little dog that your friend carries around? The growly, bitey, barky little bastard that is dressed in a sweater, usually goes by the name of Coco, or Hannah or Bitsy?

This dog suffers from S#$%#y Little Dog Syndrome. This dog doesn’t want to act like a bad dog. This dog can be helped.

In this presentation, I’ll talk about why little dogs become s#$%#y little dogs and what you can do to bring out the wonderful little dog trapped inside.

With your help, there will be no more S#$%#y Little Dogs!

Bridget Pilloud

Affiliation I like everybody, pretty much

I’m a local pet psychic, who loves art, the Pacific Northwest and quirky stuff.