DIY Healthcare in Portland


Don’t have health insurance? Join the ranks – over 4 million people have lost their health insurance since the beginning of the recession, bringing the uninsured in the U.S. to over 50 million people. Oregon is 13th in the nation for the highest number of uninsured, with about 650,000 of us living without insurance. This presentation will tell you how to deal with health issues when you’re on your own, tell you about Portland-area DIY resources, and give specific tips about DIY sexual health, cold care, dental care, the importance of micronutrients, and creative and low-cost ways to deal with bigger issues like tumors and accidents. I’ll also talk about forming DIY healthcare collectives and how to get involved with sharing and trading for healthcare resources in Portland.

Sandra Clark

Affiliation Oregon Master of Public Health Program, Africa Bridge

Uninsured social change activist and international public health student.