Why programming is so great


Because code is power to the people! Sure you can throw together some yahoo pipes and make an information dashboard for your biz, or use any of a thousand photoshop plug-ins to mess with your photos, or even play with music tools like puredata to make some awesome licks, but when it comes down to really being able do things with style you need the code. Heck just last week somebody wanted to cleanup a list of email addresses, and recursively make thumbnails for some pictures, and build a personal digital agent extension to twitter, and make some pretty visual abstract art – this stuff is all easy, it is all accessible, and if you’re a designer, a musician, a business person a little bit of code skills can go so far. Code is the new english, its easy and everybody should speak a little bit of it! On a practical note – knowing a little bit about coding will help you budget better when contracting or asking other people to do free work for you and will help you understand better the relative hardness of what you’re asking for. I may mention the social coding phenomena happening here in town as well.


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Inventor, artist, programmer, designer and social network application developer. Reformed video games developer. Contributed to Lord of the Rings, Platial, Ning and several other world class products. Co-host Wherecamp and Makerlab.