How to have fun, damn it.


I will teach techniques to get the stick out of one’s ass and have some fun. Come out of your shell! Make some memories! I’m very shy, and have a hard time meeting new people, but these time-tested techniques will get any wallflower dancing in the center of the room in NO TIME. Or at least, you know, thinkin’ about it.

Kate "The Great" Folsom

Affiliation International Tribunal of Awesome People Named Kate Folsom

Vermonter by way of California moves to Portland to find herself. Finds herself with diagnosed mental illnesses, a steady supply of helpful medications, a dog and an underfurnished apartment. Decides “may you have an interesting life” is both a curse and a wonderful blessing to bestow, and even if it weren’t wonderful, she’s stuck with it anyway. Writer, student, misanthrope, owner of a fantastic rack. Experienced journalist, blogger, editor, critic and smartass.