Micro-Communities - The Power of Trusted Networks Helping People in Need


The sun is setting on the days of my grandma writing her quarterly check to the American Cancer Society.

We all are part of many small communities comprised of personal relationships.  These “mirco-communities” include both a physical and virtual network of individuals connected through social activities, businesses, associations, churches, schools, clubs, online communities, and neighborhoods.

The younger generations of today represent a new dawn of giving predicated on the tenants of being closer to the causes in which they give their money and time. Witness the recent fundraising success of the Obama campaign. Fueling this shift is the power of the Internet, and specifically social media.

Now the power of trusted networks, these micro-communities, are able to make a significant, positive impact on those in need like never before. Of all the great aspects of social media, connecting people to facilitate giving may be the best yet.

Casey Carey

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A marketing and product management executive, who’s experience encompasses corporate strategy formulation, product marketing and communications, launch activities, channel experience, and brand management at companies including Epsilon, Abacus/DoubleClick, ROI Direct, Customer Insight Company, and NavSYS.