The Webcomic Age or, A Young Geek's Illustrated Primer


You there! With the funny papers! Marmaduke lost its pizazz? Haven’t laughed at Peanuts in 35 years? Put down that fishwrap and pick up your mouse, we’re going ONLINE.

Let’s face it, printed comic strips are by and large going the way of the rest of print media. The comics page has grown stagnant and, well, the kids just don’t care anymore. Fortunately, the internets have created opportunities for both creators and readers of comics alike. It seems like every day a thousand new web-based comic strips appear.

These so-called “webcomics” are legion and their quality and hilarity varied. I propose to take you on a whirlwind tour of some of the more popular webcomics. Ultimately I hope to provide you with some new comics to enjoy.

Ben Bleything

Affiliation The Internets

Hacker by day, hacker by night. Regionally known Internetexpert. Accredited internet meme scholar. World Famous Lecturer On Topics Of Interest (To Me).

Also enjoys cats and video games. And beer.