Dare to Do An Ignite Presentation.


I will describe some of the amazing benefits of doing an Ignite presentation and tell people why they should submit their own proposals. I will also give tips on what to do once your presentation is over. Of course, I will use my own success story from my original Ignite Presentation (#ip3), Dare to Go Where You Fear, highlighting how Ignite catalyzed my first book.

Liz Grover

Affiliation Earth.
Website http://www.lizgrover.com/

Liz Grover travels the world as a spiritual activist specializing in sharing the voices and events of social movements through film, photography, and Internet media. Her career started at the age of 15 when she helped organize local Maine communities to stand up to corporate polluters. At the age of 20, she began her international work as an English teacher in the Nepalese school system. At the age of 22, she designed Internet media tools for Afghanistan’s first presidential and parliamentary elections after the fall of the Taliban; she did the same for Timor-Leste’s 2007 parliamentary cycle 2 years later.
She also organized powerful actions such as CODEPINK’s Walk in their Shoes, an art installation of nearly 8,000 pairs of shoes that was displayed on the Washington National Mall to memorialize Iraqis who lost their lives to the war. When working outside of political activism, Liz spends her time as a photojournalist documenting the Buddhist and Hindu relics of Central and Southeast Asia.