How to grow a sweet beard like mine


Ok, you can’t grow a beard as sweet as mine, that’s a given. But you can grow a nice little beard of your own. In 5 zany action-packed minutes I will show you my secret for luxuriously thick facial hair.

Note to the selection committee: there’s a chance I may show up late and have to leave early, so it will be more like a 3 minute talk. Oh, and I’m bringing a prop- my sweet beard!

PS- my secret is not shaving, but don’t let anyone know before my talk.

PPS- this is a test proposal and it ain’t going to happen.

Adam DuVander

Affiliation DuVinci, Legion of Tech, PDX Web Innovators, guys who dig redheads

Some people would describe me as a guy with a beard. I prefer to think of myself as a beard with a guy.