How small companies can use Industry Analyst Relations (AR) to drive sales


Many small companies believe that Industry Analyst Relations (AR) is only important for large vendors selling to Enterprise customers. They think it is a costly exercise that does not apply to them. This presentation will quickly show how buying patterns are influenced by firms like Gartner and Forrester and how a small company can gain recognition and recommendations by just wisely investing some time.


Affiliation SageCircle. LLC

Dave has been an end-user client of the analysts and managed Analyst Relations (AR) programs at multiple companies including Novell, Openwave, and HP. At SageCircle he has researched AR best practices and helped design the Architect analyst relationship management (ARM) software. He is a SageCircle co-founder and strategist as well as an ARchitect instructor. He has a BS, Masters, and MEd in Physics and has worked in various high tech companies for years.