Are you really really really really sure?


The feeling of being sure about something. Absolutely sure. Willing to put everything on the line.
It’s familiar to us all.
I’m not talking about hunches, feelings, educated guesses, or logical conclusions, I’m talking about stuff that we really truly unequivocally know to be true, for sure, without a shadow of a doubt.

But then we turn out to be wrong, and we’re like, “oh yeah, duh, stupid me, what was i thinking?”

In this kind of situation, how do we justify that sensation of certainty?
Where does that feeling come from?
How do we interrogate and validate that sensation?
How do we know when to trust it?
Can it be hacked?

Fé Kaylius

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Fé Kaylius is a devotee of the ‘discipline of de’, a fan of solresol, a founding member of N.I.N.E., and an art thief. He has presented at FooCamp, WhereCamp, BarCamp, Manifesta, and Portland’s own Laundry Lecture Series on topics ranging from “pervasive gaming” to “legacy development”, from “collaborative mapping” to “technologically induced out of body experiences”.