Pareto Principle: How to Hone your Effectiveness in Life


Do you know how many waking minutes are in your day? If you added up all the minutes you spent accomplishing something yesterday, how many would that be? Try it, you may be surprised. How did you spend all those extra minutes? We (collectively) waste mountains of time being ineffective. I will teach you to see “waste”, to help you understand why it is there, and show you ways to change your habits to improve your effectiveness.

Simon Walter-Hansen


Born in Denmark, raised in Minnesota. Loved Legos and computers from an early age. Studied Mechanical Engineering. Attempted a start-up in 2000, but lost out to “the bubble”. Took a few years to practice carpentry and compete in duathlon/triathlon. Opened and managed a triathlon equipment store for a few years. Started a web community known as Explored the United States by foot, car, bike, train, plane, bus, kayak, subway. Arrived in Portland in September 2008 to further interests in applying technology to permaculture and sustainable communities. Currently working as a contract PHP programmer in SE Portland.