1.21 Gigawatts!! - Putting Energy in Perspective


In a world of “relatively” cheap energy, most of us have the energy to live like a king! Do you feel you live like a king? I’ll put some perspective on that ubiquitous word “energy”. Let me charge you up for 5 minutes and you may just get jolted out of your seat!

Questions to be considered:
• What is energy?
• Why is it important to understand the fundamentals?
• How does it affect us now and in the future?

Subtopics covered:
• Energy states (potential and kinetic), sources, density, harnessing, storage, conversion, transmission, usage and loss.

Simon Walter-Hansen

Website http://twitter.com/trisimon

Born in Denmark, raised in Minnesota. Loved Legos and computers from an early age. Studied Mechanical Engineering. Attempted a start-up in 2000, but lost out to “the bubble”. Took a few years to practice carpentry and compete in duathlon/triathlon. Opened and managed a triathlon equipment store for a few years. Started a web community known as MacJams.com. Explored the United States by foot, car, bike, train, plane, bus, kayak, subway. Arrived in Portland in September 2008 to further interests in applying technology to permaculture and sustainable communities. Currently working as a contract PHP programmer in SE Portland.