Analysis of The Establishment of H2H Trust Relationships Between Disparate Mobile Networks


The analysis of realtime data recorded in 2008 produces some interesting results in the area of an individual’s trust relationships as expressed with the use of mobile devices. By interpreting the ambient signals produced by the opportunity of mobile networks one can asses the efficacy of the establishment of trust relationships.

Compounding this issue is available bandwidth for enabling ambient analysis. A portion of the presentation will center around currently available bandwidth’s impact on the scalability of mobile trust relationships in finite realms.

While certain logistic and technological hurdles still exist in this problem space it behooves us to explore strategies of cooperative trust relationship building in order to provide a firmer grasp on each other’s trust enablers and in the end to allow us to discover the value our networks can provide us in such a capacity.

Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Benjamin Foote

Affiliation pdxstump
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