SLOG Showdown: Portland vs. Seattle


It’s one of the biggest rivalries in the country: Seattle vs. Portland.

Portland has NBA, Seattle used to.
Seattle has Boeing, Portland has Beer.
Portland’s makes expensive shoes, Seattle creates spendy software.
Seattle started Ignite, Portland lit it on fire.

Take a look at (up to) 15 auto-advancing comparisons between the Slog cities and judge for yourself which city is better: Portland or Seattle.

Brian M. Westbrook

Affiliation / KXL-AM / other "old-school media"

Brian M. Westbrook is most accustomed with rambling to himself and forgets about the thousands of those listening / watching — he occasionally jumps in front of a live audience — sometimes one he hasn’t paid. Like you, at Ignite Portland.

A weekly feature on Newsradio 750 KXL, says of Brian: "With over 15 years of professional Internet and Information Technology experience, Brian has a keen grasp of a diverse range of high-tech disciplines. " But since he wrote that himself few years ago: Buyer Beware!

BMW (his initials, really) has appeared on half-dozen TV stations in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and on that thing called radio nationwide: including NPR.

Originally from the Portland-area, he now (mostly) calls Seattle home. But his friends aren’t really sure he ever left…

Brian also still wonders why we write biographies in third person.