If we want to change our environmental impact, forget the cars we need to fix our buildings


Everyone pays attention to cars, power plants, etc., but few are talking about our largest environmental impact: buildings. Buildings use 76% of our total electricity vs. transportation which uses 1%. Buildings are the largest energy consumer of any type and have the highest CO2 emissions. LEED standards are moving us in the right direction, but they are still not a Net Zero impact. What’s more, we could make buildings that actually restore the environment.

In my talk I’ll share the evolution of building sustainability, our current environmental impact, and share what is possible for the future.

Damin Tarlow

Affiliation Gerding Edlen Development
Website http://www.cyanpdx.com/blog/

A 4th generation Portlander, Damin Tarlow has spent his entire life trying to do something of significance. With the exception of short stints as a carney in Vegas, a student in Austria and a quick 10,000 mile drive to Panama, he’s spent his time on almost every kind of real estate project, from industrial port complexes within national parks, to automotive facilities in Asia, to historic rehabs into breweries to ultra sustainable high rise housing.  Having traveled to over 40 countries, managed building projects for over 12 years and working for the most sustainable developer in the world, he has a unique outlook on the built environment and its impact on the world in which we live.