Big monsters, small houses and other principles for helping you build a killer demo.


Anyone who has ever demonstrated software to an audience knows that it can be a terrifying, gratifying, frustrating and/or embarrassing experience.

My presentation will introduce a few simple principles that I have used over the years that will help you create engaging demonstrations and deliver them with confidence. To do so, I will borrow concepts from narrative story structure, screen play writing techniques and public speaking fundamentals.

Demonstrating software can be a really fun experience – both for the presenter as well as the audience. If you are like most technology start-ups today, you have invested a lot of your time, money, blood, sweat and tears. With a few simple principles from my presentation, you can make sure that hard work is shown in the best possible way and have fun doing it.

Eric Lee


Eric Lee has delivered great demos, bad demos and demos of products that don’t exist. While on stage, he has experienced applause, boos, heckling, computer crashes, malfunctioning keyboards and had the chance to deliver one really good joke about NASCAR.

In 2008, after 8 years at Microsoft – where he built demos for executives like Steve Ballmer, Eric Rudder and S. Somasegar – Eric Lee founded wonderaffect. He likes to think of his fledgling company as the world’s first software special effects company.

Much like how Hollywood movies use visual special effects to tell their story; wonderaffect uses special techniques to help companies tell engaging and convincing stories with their software.