What we REALLY need to do to fix the economy.


What might you expect to see if your company devoted half of its resources to the night-watchman’s department? I mean, in addition to doubling your cost of goods and losing competitiveness in the market. Well, you could expect to receive “non-standard” accounting from your board of directors and managers to hide the fraud. You could expect to get NO annual report. And banish the though of ever receiving any dividends on your stock.

Welcome to the only shareholder’s meeting of America, Inc you’ll ever attend. Bring your pitchforks. You’ve been screwed!

So, can we? Is all of this hope for change all for not? Is there a path we can take that will deliver us into the promised land?

Where did the $700 billion go?
• Bank Bailout
• Friends of powerful politicians and the Wooden Arrow company

Where is this $850 billion going?
• 1/3 is tax cuts
• 1/3 goes to states
⁃ Welfare and Unemployment (expenses)
• 1/3 is actual economic stimulus
⁃ Going into capital
⁃ Infrastructure, roads, etc.

The $1.55 trillion we’re spending is just borrowing money to cover on going costs. It’s chump change. We need new capital, not just barely covering our bills.

How much do we need to get to where we want to be? $20 trillion
• Economic stimulus
⁃ Nation infrastructure for hydrogen fuel
⁃ Interstate water systems
⁃ Cities being rebuilt
⁃ Bicycles paths
⁃ High speed trains
• Reallocation
⁃ Military (Our largest expense)
• Can we afford it?
⁃ Our total GDP vs. Debt
• Don’t just take my word for it, take Paul Krugman’s (just on Steven Colbert)

Jerry Wilson

Affiliation Founder/President Soloflex, Inc.
Website http://blog.soloflex.com/

Alien, raised in Roswell, NM. Record setting number of demerits at New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI). Hobby is slaying dragons, like the Trojan Nuclear Plant. Now engaged in a death struggle with the military-welfare state.