Portland Politics meets DIY


The culture of Portland Oregon is unlike any where else in the world. From politics to the DIY mantra, Portland is blessed with a variety of active participants and perspectives. But what happens when these culture begin to meet each other, do they clash or is there mutual conformity? For the next five minutes Bret Bernhoft will explain how Portland Politics is changing as a result of the “Do It Yourself” spirit as well as the consequences, both good and bad. It’s time to really understand how things are done around here.

Bret Bernhoft

Website http://www.bretbernhoft.com/

I am a Generation Y Consultant. I have been doing this work for over 2 years now and love it. I am also currently attending Portland State University in the hopes of finishing my MBA. After having worked for several local for-profit companies I realized that there is a huge gap between the expectations of the work environment and the reality of Generation Y. Being both a Generation Yer myself and a leader in Gen-Y thought, I can provide both insight and creativity when presenting as well as when I am consulting. Ignite Portland is an opportunity to expose the truths about what it takes to motivate and retain Generation Y in life and in the workplace.