Instant Rimshot - Red Buttons, Viral Marketing and the Lowest Common Denominator


When I created in early 2008 it was meant for use on the people I work with – an easily available utility to accentuate bad jokes. People were crazily enthusiastic about the idea and within a week I was getting a couple of thousand hits per day. 1 year later it has served over 1 million unique visitors from across the globe and even been mentioned in GQ magazine!

My presentation will follow the site from the initial concept to it’s meteoric rise as part of the “single serving sites” trend that surfaced around the time. Gaining traction with a few influential bloggers and trickling down through message boards and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, the site now has a slew of imitators and ripoffs. I will also spend some time featuring the most interesting emails I’ve received in regard to the site, from followers throughout the world.

Scott Carver


Scott is a front-end web developer and student of viral marketing in Portland, OR. In his spare time he does consulting work and is the Founder and Producer of a local video podcast called The Penny Jam (