It Takes a Village – Sustainable Neighborhoods Through Decentralization.


Portland has had neighborhood associations for over thirty years. They reached their greatest effectiveness in the 1980’s and have been in decline ever since. While all neighborhood associations are different they go through cycles of high and low activity. The City of Portland is generous financially, but they often do not support neighborhoods with their actions. The city is pleased when neighborhoods agree with them and are unhappy when they receive criticism or a different ideas and approaches.

How can this be improved? The neighborhood system must be reorganized, improved, and expanded in order to achieve its full potential. Learn how this can be achieved in effective and sustainable methods. Our capacity to develop grassroots systems to build and improve neighborhoods physically and socially is one of the many goals of the new age. Join me to learn how this might be done.

Don MacGillivray

Affiliation Buckman Community Association, League of Women Voters

I have lived in Portland for more than thirty years and have been an activist with local government for most of this time through neighborhood associations, non-profits, and other groups. I am a planner and an historian. With this perspective I feel strongly that Portland needs to decentralize many aspects of local governance in order to activate the power and creativity of the ideas and talents of it’s citizens.