Technical Conference Tshirts -- for women


The summer season for technical conferences is fast approaching, and conference organizers are starting to look at swag, including the infamous conference t-shirt.

A conference t-shirt says “I was there”. Unfortunately, conference t-shirts to be ill-fitting and unflattering for women attendees. If women don’t want to wear a conference t-shirt, it’s like they never attended the conference.

Why are tech t-shirts so unflattering? What makes a good tech t-shirt for women? Sarah Sharp will explore the design, sizing, and distribution of the ultimate geek fashion accessory.

Sarah Sharp


Sarah Sharp is a Linux kernel hacker at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. In her spare time, Sarah is a volunteer avionics hacker for the Portland State Aerospace Society, a group that builds open source amateur rockets (see the Ignite Portland 3 talk). Sarah also participates in Code N Splode and occasionally shows up to pdxgeekchix lunch.