It's Not AntiSocial Media; It's Not All About You


Over the past few years I’ve observed thousands of companies and individuals venture into the world of so-called social media. Tools such as blogs, Twitter, photo- and video-sharing websites, and other interactive systems can provide a powerful way to develop identity and branding when used correctly.

Unfortunately, many newcomers to social media fall into some common traps which not only lessen the usefulness of the tools but also negatively impact the perception of the user. In a fun, helpful fashion we’ll look at a few social media pitfalls, how to avoid them, and how to make the most of social media to build a personal or corporate brand in a connected world.

There are plenty of Portland-area success stories as well as some missteps; we can learn from both.

Aaron B. Hockley


Aaron leads a life involving photography, software development, blogging, and a family. Social media has woven its way into various aspects of his life and he’s seen plenty of other folks do it right… and wrong.