Nature Lovers: Choosing Adventuresome and Romantic Locations Around Portland


Ever wander some sweet little arbor, long strand of beach, or panoramic vista around Portland hand in hand your Honey, look each other and think, “Baby, I would love to wrap myself around you, right here.”? …You are not alone.

In fact, you are in good company. Witness Carolynn Duggan’s presentation ( at IP4, when two minutes into her spiel this line appears: “Someone in Portland has been building a great list for discreet outdoor sex over the past 10 years.” I am that someone.

The crowd’s enthusiasm caught me by surprise. Damn, what a focus group – over 600 people at the Bagdad! I realized that PDXers love to love:

1) The outdoors

2) Who we love while in the outdoors

Now, I will reveal to IP5ers the fun and finer aspects of selecting adventurous and romantic outdoor interludes in our not-so-urbane setting, while maintaining the high standards for which Ignite Portland events are so well known. For example, no naked human tricks will be used during the presentation. @kram – with his astounding eye for art that ignites Portland – will provide slides of Barbie, Ken, and other plastic personalities that ingeniously imply recreating in the great wide open. Toys R Us will never look the same.

Included in the outdoor amour instructions and inspirations are how to spot desirable features that enhance the experience, as well as what to avoid as public health hazards. Useful suggestions on how to use opportunities in nurturing relationships – for men, being sensitive to women’s hesitations, and for women, an awareness of men’s desire for variety- are also included.

And so, as the unabashed sun shines broad daylight on happy couples coupling – unnoticed, yet right under our noses – our Lewis-and-Clark-expedition spirit meets our keep-it-weird-and-on-the-down-low Portland culture.

Teresa Boze

Affiliation No one seems to want to claim me

I am something of an authority on romantic interludes by virtue – or vice – of experiences that put Sex in the City on notice. Less revealing credentials include a degree in psychology with sexuality studies under a protégée of Jung, and research at the University of Illinois on sexual behavior. Among my accolades relevant to this proposal is an Oregon Writer’s Colony award bestowed last autumn for a short story in a compendium yet to go to press, Boudoir, Unexpected.

Vocationally, I am a recovering technical writer, who was rescued by a marauding band of friendly creatives. As well as being labeled a network weaver, I am also a successful romantic match-maker, playing on my strong suit of getting the right folks together in bed in more than one sense. Familiars know me as an unconference groupie, merrily dystopian, and working hard to keep Portland weird.