Why Publicly Owned Fiber is the Answer to our Broadband Needs


Today, most broadband services are controlled by large corporations with large, visible advertising campaigns. Those same large corporations have mixed motives, that don’t necessarily align with their customers. Furthermore, they are decreasing your options and increasing control of how you can use your internet connections. Newsflash! Low-cost high-capacity bandwidth is only a few miles away from your house or business, and it is high time we have neutral and very high-speed interconnection with those options. Yes, it won’t be cheap to build the infrastructure, about a half-billion bucks for Portland. But whoever builds it, we’ll pay for it. I’d just like for us to own it after we’ve paid for it. I’d also like to be able to use it after we’ve paid for it. We have lots of precedents for publicly owned infrastructure: water, sewer, streets, the Bonneville Power Administration. Break the chains of control! Own your future! Demand neutrally-operated super-fast last-mile broadband infrastructure.

Russell Senior

Affiliation Personal Telco Project, Inc.
Website http://www.personaltelco.net/

A volunteer, officer and board member for the local non-profit Personal Telco Project, a group dedicated to the idea that people should have a bigger say in how their networks are operated. We do that by building our own networks that we share with our communities, and by helping to educate others in how they can too. To date, we have done this using Wi-Fi technology.