How to buy a car for under $1,000


A talk about how to use local free resources (Craigslist and eBay) to located and purchase a reliable mode of transportation for $1,000 or less.

Specifically there are several key points:
1) The car has to be under $1,000 dont go over, you dont need to. Never leave a deposit.
2) Car must be ready to drive, no major broken parts, cant be towed, you dont want someone elses problem.
3) Dont buy from a dealer, go private party. Dealers are shady mmmkay
4) What cars to look for, Older Dodge/GMC/Chevy mini-vans, 4×4 Jimmy/Blazers, Mercedes Diesels, Hondas
5) What not to look for… older jags, gas engine merdedes,
6) Share my experiences with CL and cheap car buying…

Thats about it, will expand more on these points if my talk is accepted.

Kevin Fox

Affiliation Vidoop

Basically a tech/business guy who likes the community aspect of product development. My main hobbies are cars and computers and the combo of the two