What's missing? Fill the void with your own nonprofit.


Confronted with boredom and constant complaining, two drinking buddies set down their hi-balls long enough to fill out some paperwork and start an arts nonprofit aimed at exhibiting films at local theaters. More than 300 films later, the Mid-Valley Video Festival is keeping it fresh with live music, fashion design, visual and performance art programming in beautiful downtown Salem. This presentation will offer a brief overview of the necessary steps to create and maintain your own nonprofit organization.

Ross Swartzendruber

Affiliation Mid-Valley Video Festival
Website http://www.mvvfest.org/

I’m a work-at-home dad living near Salem. Born and raised in Oregon, I graduated from Boston University and lived in Europe for two years with my wife while she finished college. We have three kids, three cats, a dog, 6 llamas and 22 sheep. I own Black Sheep Advertising, Inc., founded Mid-Valley Video Festival, created Mix-n-Mash and the Cherry City Music Fest. My main technological interests are video, open source and social networking.