Congratulations! You Have an African American President!


These are heady, historic days, as a new presidency begins. Sure, you like Obama. This being Portland, you almost certainly voted for Obama. But maybe there’s some part of you that’s wondering, “What does this really mean for white people?” Fear not! This presentation provides all you need to know about African American history and culture, now that we have a black man in the White House. With this white person’s tour of negritude, you too will be down with all that.

Lois M. Leveen


Lois Leveen met Barack Obama the first time he was elected president – of the Harvard Law Review, a legal journal where she worked part-time while she was in college. She didn’t follow his example of pursuing a career in law and politics, opting instead to get a Ph.D. in African American literature, a field which she taught at UCLA and Reed College. These days, she’s just another Portland writer/artist/performer, dazzling audiences on, in, and at LiveWire, Bitch Magazine, Performance Works Northwest, Oregon Literary Review, and any party where she can get at least one vodka martini into her. She possesses more leopard print than most wild game reserves, and she’s starting 2009 ready to let her fellow pasty-faced Portlanders know what she knows about black culture.