Keyword Research: The key to increasing readership on your blog


How to use keyword research to entice more readers/visitors to your website. How it is done, how and why it works. What tools you can use. It’s so easy even a caveman can do it.

Gary Pool

Affiliation SEOPDX

Gary Pool “web maestro” & “search engine optimizician”, a person whose uncanny sense of the art and science of website optimization comes from his natural talents in music and math.

Fear of algorithms isn’t in his vocabulary. In fact he begins each work session with the Algorithm March…
Web Maestro

As the “Web Maestro” at White Rose Productions, Gary is passionate about SEO. His fast-loading, W3C validated, search-smart sites win rave reviews from business owners and website users alike. His latest site, created for a Chinese company, has resulted in an invitation to China for the dedication of their latest recycling plant.
Gary Pool

Gary Pool’s internet experience began in 1998 with completion of the Multimedia Certification from the New Media Center, San Diego, a sister program to the one at MIT.