Shopping for Buildings: 10+ ways to investigate creative spaces


Artists often imagine that the perfect situation involves a beautiful loft, most often fantasized as live-work, in which all that imagined work becomes real.

How many beautiful lofts have been terminated because the artists simply didn’t know what the hidden costs or legalities were? This 5-minute presentation is designed to make investigating a personal loft or large shared industrial building easy and smooth.

Focuses on: the basics of researching a property with the city, zoning and occupancy, what to look for decent resources like water, power, drainage and light, common prices and terms, and hidden costs such as insurance, triple net, and utilities.

deadletter b

Affiliation Deadletter, Tool Shed PDX, Watershed PDX, LLC

deadletter b has been teaching mathematics, running industrial arts buildings, and generally promoting regional infrastructure since 2000. Intensely geeky about network structures, collective processing, and high school mathematics, he’s an Infrastructure Geek.