the basics of writing good shit that people enjoy reading


Forget everything your teachers taught you in school and listen close: it’s not about knowing how to diagram a sentence or tell the difference between elusion, illusion and allusion. Writing well is about getting ideas across in a way that makes people want to keep reading, and more importantly, not beat you about the head with your own work. I’ll be giving simple tips for writing effective prose and not getting bogged down in trying to fit some paradigm of “good writing.”

Kate "The Great" Folsom

Affiliation International Tribunal of Awesome People Named Kate Folsom

Vermonter by way of California moves to Portland to find herself. Finds herself with diagnosed mental illnesses, a steady supply of helpful medications, a dog and an underfurnished apartment. Decides “may you have an interesting life” is both a curse and a wonderful blessing to bestow, and even if it weren’t wonderful, she’s stuck with it anyway. Writer, student, misanthrope, owner of a fantastic rack. Experienced journalist, blogger, editor, critic and smartass.