Multitouch - Naturally bringing U and I together.


UI (user interface) with computers and electronics has changed drastically since the introduction of the teletype computers that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Peripheral devices, graphics, and other feedback have made using computers fun, easy, and efficient.

Because of the possibilities of new, more natural ways of interacting with machines and with the intro of multitouch hardware and applications, a new set of standards must be conceived and adopted as what we see as standards (see double clicking or menu bars).

This talk is about history, proposed standards, what the hobbyists are doing (building multitouch devices and software), and where the future lies.

John Brown

Affiliation coders, programmers, readers, nerds, solderers, and those on Tri-Met are my people. Also, anyone who would take the time to come to the Ignite Portland website and read through the proposals. They're my type of people.

John Brown is a full time PSU student and also works full time at a large ad agency here in PDX. He love electronics, musicals, and books. Though a notorious wallflower, he only really feels comfortable when presenting on a topic that excites him, even if everyone is looking at him (and secretly judging, he is sure).