Fashion! Music! Intrigue!: Why You Should Be Riding the Bus


Did you know there are more reasons to take the bus besides that warm feeling you get by considering yourself more environmentally-conscious than the next person? You don’t have to buy a magazine to see the latest fashion do’s and don’ts, or the trends in accessories. You could find your new favorite song by overhearing it blasting out of someone’s headphones. If you’re lucky and become a regular, you may develop a series of bus crushes. Or, perhaps you want to see some of the people who take “Keep Portland Weird” a bit too literally. All you need is $2, a cell or iPhone (to check arrival times), and a sense of adventure.

I’ll present some of the experiences I’ve had while on a TriMet bus as well as offer tips for making a trip on public transit less mundane.

A. L. Venable


Originally from Maryland, A. L. Venable grew restless and was curious to check out another part of the country. Thanks to, she took a chance by vacationing in Portland, Oregon in 2005 and loved it so much, she moved here in April 2006 with no job, a few thousand dollars in a savings account, and a place to live for a couple of months. After being under-employed (aka temp assignments around town), she began working full-time in the interactive agency world in November 2006.

She enjoys music, vodka, photography, traveling, meeting new people, and may kick your ass at Scrabble™. She blogs at Dimple and a Smirk (dot) com and Our PDX Network.