10 Reasons Why Web2.0 will fail.


I’ll start with the assumptions that drove the first round of web development (eyeballs, 1st mover advantage, 96-01), and how they correlate to the leading assumptions driving Web 2.0. I’ll outline 8 current realities that could undermine Web 2.0’s success, and wrap them into a main thesis; that Web2.0 is yet to prove that an open and shared system platform based on user freedom and experience customization can capture and serve the mainstream majority. This new ecosystem of products and services must address issues of Scale, Standards, Reliability, Value, Simplicity, Revenue Drivers, and the all important Network Effect if it hopes to succeed. Will Web2.0 deliver a sustainable Internet economy where users can pick and choose from a wide variety of independent applications? Or will these applications simply provide proven feature functions for tomorrow’s Web3.0 experiences, business models and directives? Can a one platform paradigm succeed (The Web2.0 Cloud), or will a new breed of independent systems emerge to challenge it? I’ll concluded with a slide called “the inevitability of failure”, reminding how renewed energy and opportunities are unleashed when industry inflection points occur.

Paul Daigle

Website http://www.kindigs.com/

I’ve worked in the online industry since 1997, having held positions at ATT WorldNet, DoubleClick, DreamHomeSource and HanleyWood eMedia. I am currently working on a social networking startup called KinDigs. Our goal is to bring structured granularity to online relationships and personal content, and help users capture and preserve personal legacy. My passion is designing holistic, experience-driven online applications that satisfy user and business goals through community driven tools and environments. I’m a huge fan of music and the arts. My mantra is “Place competitive drive to the side … focus on delivering value.”