How Emerging Markets Uses Mobile Technology, And The Vast Outreach Opportunity This Presents


We often think of the USA as the center of the technological world. This may be true in many aspects of technology, but not the mobile phone industry.

Looking at “emerging markets”, we can see some amazing mobile adoption patterns. For example, South Africa has about 90% mobile adoption and in India in the month of September 2008, a cell phone was activated every 7 seconds.

My talk will help you discover these other areas of the world and highlight how NGOs, governments, and health organizations in these areas are using mobile technology for positive social change. Using technologies such as mobile social networking, SMS, and combining these vehicles; organizations are driving outstanding social change that deserves to be highlighted and supported.

Jason Harris


Jason is a lifelong technologist, web developer and tinkerer. Never satisfied with things the way they are, Jason is always seeking new technologies and avenues to explore.