This historic moment


America is a divided nation. But not east-west, red-blue, R-D, coast-heartland, white-black-brown, venus-mars. The division transcends those categories, for we are divided within ourselves in a duality that stretches back to the founding of our Republic.

The conservative Republican movement that began with the Barry Goldwater candidacy in 1964 exploited that initial division for political gain, ultimately controlling the national debate by 1980. While what the conservatives started is now intellectually discredited, their vision of America retains a powerful emotional hold on the American people and will until a more compelling and honest vision, also rooted in the founding, takes its place.

The task of leading an entire nation to heal and evolve is challenging and perhaps unprecedented in the history of the world, and it is a task that now rests with the new national leadership of the Democratic Party.

Rick Hanson


I’m a communications professional, strategist, and political counselor. I solve problems and facilitate change.