Look Up Portland


We walk the streets of Portland, staring at the sidewalks or our into the eyes of our companions, often forgetting to look up. When we do take the time to gaze above, we see the magnificent combination of art and architecture. Impotent glass and concrete buildings are encroaching our skyline. In their shadow is the remnant of Portland edifices from an era of meaningful architecture.

In my presentation I will Ignite Portland with 20 pages of the beauty of our city if one only takes the time to look up. Cornices and gargoyles. Statues and arches. Brick and mortar and marble and engravings.

I will accompany these photos with historical trivia about the buildings and its architects, editorial about the nostalgic state of what once was and light humor about what buildings have become.

Ed Markiewicz


I’ve only been to one Ignite Portland and it was enough to make me want to come back as a participant. My demographics are atypical of the audience on the outside, but in tune on the inside (thanks to my girlfriend, who is sitting right next to me as I write this).

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