How to kill three chickens in three years


Chickens are awesome. They’re cute. They give you eggs. They eat slugs.

And the sound that they make when they are being eaten alive by raccoons is unforgettable.

Follow Selena on her journey through three years of tending chickens in Portland. Learn where to leave your chickens after dark, where to find replacement hens, and how daylight savings time and user group meetings can kill.

Selena Deckelmann

Affiliation Open Source Bridge

Selena Deckelmann is an enthusiastic open source advocate and PostgreSQL specialist. Her work ranges from the highly local–organizing the Portland PostgreSQL User Group–to planning national conferences, and international outreach to other user groups and events. She is also a founding board member of Legion of Tech. She has presented at LUG Radio Live, OSCON and the Linux Plumbers Conference on working with Drupal, running user groups and measuring filesystem performance. She works for End Point Corporation, a software engineering consultancy. And she raises chickens.