How to be a Refugee: Several not-so-easy steps from oppression to resettlement


More than 30 million people are living in exile worldwide. Maybe 30,000 people make it to the US in any given year through the refugee resettlement program. How do people go from living their lives to living in exile to resettlement in a foreign country?

Using Burma as an example, this presentation will focus on the steps a person would go through to flee their home, apply for asylum with the UNHCR in a second country like Malaysia, and eventually, be resettled in a third country like the US.

Tara Horn


Before moving to Portland in 2006, I lived in Thailand, where I took naps every day, ate lots of curry, and hung out with friends from Burma. I studied applied anthropology at Australian National University, and did research on the riveting topic of public discourse surrounding refugees and asylum-seekers there.

I work at PSU, am an occasional social activist, and a lover of all things pie.