How to survive a zombie apocolypse in 5 minutes


The world is ending, zombies are everywhere (even nice mrs. jones next door who always gave you fresh cinnamon rolls) and want to eat your brains, you’ve got to hide somewhere. In 5 quick minutes you’ll get the must have list of items, how to travel lightly and where to go.

Chris O'Rourke


I’m a 33 year old Network Engineer residing in Portland, Oregon. I enjoy all things “northwesty” including the obvious rain and clouds in addition to the typical coffee addictive personality so abundant up here. Aside from being a CSS and xhtml design fanatic I also am currently an MCSE as well as MCSA and divide my computing attentions between Windows & Mac OS X based systems. Equally at home with Photoshop or rooting about in the schema of an Exchange server I tend to find my attentions drawn more to the artistic endeavors lately. In addition to a focus on art, I’m also bettering myself while figuring out to resolve mistakes from the past in a fair and balanced matter (really fair and balanced though, nothing like Fox News lol).

I’m also a huge fan of Drum & Bugle corps and spend as much time as possible helping out the Seattle Cascades youth organization in any way I can (I even drove for them in 2004 and 2005). For those who don’t know Drum & Bugle Corps is an activity quite a bit like marching band but independant of high schools and colleges. The kids (ages 15-22) that do this pay a premium and rehearse hundreds of hours to participate in the summer tour throughout the US. Very cool and very fun activity.

I’m currently married to the most wonderful woman in the world, who shares my love for art and nature and enjoying that all too often insane thing called life.

Most days I can be found with some type of caffeine in my hand and a fairly happy expression. I’m still trying to beat the evil damned nicotine bug as well as exercising more regularly to regain a decent level of physical fitness (apparently it’s easy to gain sympathy weight during a pregnancy. Sadly it doesn’t go away as easily as it comes). Things aren’t always perfect but for the most part they are as best as they can be.