How to be successful at internet dating (For both guys and gals but frankly, guys, you need it most)


A primer on what to do and not do while internet dating. I have some great examples of what mistakes to avoid, how awful the approaches can be and even some research (secondary and primary) I’ve gleaned while internet dating. Yes, this comes from my own (extensive) experience but also from friends and associates who have now hilarious horror stories of stalkers, cock shots, weird dates with unsocialized human beings and those who simply do not know how to use a spell checker.

Jerry Ketel

Affiliation Leopold Ketel & Partners

Jerry Ketel was raised in Portland. Went to school at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and for the last 27 years has been a proud member of the Portland Creative Community. His dirty secret is that he hates Power Point Presentations and has banned them from the agency he owns. Unfortunately, the damned presentation software is unavoidable—so he wanted to use it for good instead of evil. Ignite Portland 5 would give him the opportunity to show his detractors what a Powerpoint Presentation SHOULD be.