Why you should swear more and apologize less


Self censorship and unnecessary apologies are viral. They infect one realm of your day and gradually spread to every corner of your brain. Once you allow apologies to become a crutch, you can rarely stop. Once you bottle your emotions and bury them inside, they begin to eat away at your happiness. Unlocking the power of simple profanity can help engage your passion, vent your frustration, and motivate those around you. Limiting your apologies to genuine personal wrongdoing increases their meaning and effectiveness and speeds the process of identifying real errors, and helps you maintain your self respect.

Aaron Walker

Website http://www.chuffle.com/

Born and raised in Chandler, AZ. Moved to San Jose following the easy money (in 1999) moved back to Phoenix in 2001 when it all exploded. Moved to Portland in 2003 because Arizona sucks sweaty jockstrap. Portland’s jockstrap is significantly less sweaty. I like bicycles and fatty foods.