How to Play Ukulele in Five Minutes


Want to play music? Afraid to begin? Play the ukulele! Watch and learn how to play the simplest chords so you can play every other Ramones or Hank Williams song. Latch onto the instrument that automatically puts on a smile on your face. It’s tropical! It’s happy!

During this presentation, I will, of course, be playing live.

Bill DeRouchey

Affiliation Ziba Design

Bill is the Interim Director of Interaction Design at Ziba Design in Portland, Oregon. With Ziba, he is fortunate to work on a variety of challenges, from handheld satellite radios and medical devices to community websites and interactive spaces. And he writes about the variety and history of interaction design in everyday experiences on his blog, And he’s the Treasurer of the Interaction Design Association. And, of course, he plays the ukulele.