Trade Like You Mean It: Your Personal Economy and How It Works


Nations have economies, states have economies, cities and counties have economies; but did you know that you have your own personal economy as well?

This presentation will reveal the core essence of understanding what and how you trade (import/export) every day and what other value exchanges are possible. Learn the different domains of value and how to find the highest-value exchanges with people. Learn about how we all trade much more than dollars and cents everyday, and how to do it better.

Bonus slide: the secret formula behind every get-rich-quick scheme in existence.

Katin Imes

Affiliation a self-employed neighbor

Software engineer that crosses over to soft-skills trainer; web systems guy that is certified in hypnotherapy; hardcore linguistics geek that helps create local economic exchange. Ten years of self-employment experience, twenty years of software engineering experience. 7.5 yrs in Portland.