Introducing Story Games: the fine art of rolling 2d6 to overcome your grief


What if you took Dungeons & Dragons, ripped out the wargaming at its heart, and replaced it with improv theater? Or silly party games, or
just plain collaboration?

For the last 10 years, a small but growing community of game designers and players has been exploring the potential of tabletop games to create real human stories, instead of (or in addition to!) ripping yarns about swords and orcs. This talk will highlight some of the unique, unjustly obscure game experiences available today, and shed light on what storytellers, fiction writers, and anyone who’s ever gotten together with friends to watch a favorite TV show stand to gain from seizing the tools of the dungeon-dwellers.

Mike Sugarbaker


Mike is a longtime web developer, and publishes and co-edits, a popular weblog and podcast about tabletop gaming, along with his brother Allan. He also has other interests; no, seriously, he does. He lives ten or so blocks from the Bagdad, with his girlfriend and their wandering monster.