Mid-Life Crisis: Let's Go Motorcycle Racing


At some point in life, we all wake up and realize that the clock is ticking and there are things we’ve always wanted to do, but family and work pressures have gotten in the way. For some, it can be something like finally reading War and Peace. For others, like me, something more exciting — and yes, even risky — is called for.

In my case, that something was offroad motorcycle racing. In today’s world this is not exactly a PC pursuit, but it is definitely fun and it gets me out into the woods on a regular basis. I’m a bit of an oxymoron — a liberal dirt biker. This talk will help open people’s eyes to a rewarding and often misunderstood sport and provide some tips on how to get started.

Brian Edwards

Affiliation McKenzie Worldwide
Website http://www.mckenzieworldwide.com/

My original background is as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor before switching over to the public relations side of things. My focus has all been in high-tech, working with 1-person startups to the world’s largest software companies. Now I’m a senior leader with McKenzie Worldwide.